Jackie Chan Adventures Talismans

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These are all the Talismans from the popular cartoon known as Jackie Chan Adventures made back in 2005. Each talisman has a specific animal from the Chinese zodiac each with its own specific power listed below.

Rooster - Levitation
Ox - Super strength
Snake - Invisibility
Rabbit - Superspeed
Sheep - Astral projection
Dragon - Combustion
Rat - Animation
Horse - Healing / Regeneration
Monkey - Shapeshifting
Dog - Immortality
Pig - Heat vision
Tiger - Spiritual balance

***3D Print Disclaimer***
Due to the nature of the technology, Fused Depositional Modeling (FDM), there are sometimes printing artifacts and layer lines that may be visible. I will take every measure possible to remove or limit the number of visible imperfections. All parts are printed in biodegradable (takes 15 years) plastic know as PLA and each part is sandable and paintable.