About JTech

My company is known for and specializes in 3D printing cosplays, DnD, and Keychains items. My company also 3D models and recycles plastics. I am most proud of how my business can be of service to many different communities and people from all over the world. I am also proud of some of the different ways that my company recycles. As a business, I save old boxes in addition to the various plastics I receive. I use the boxes for storing parts, unfinished customer commissions, and even for reusing them as shipping boxes to reduce the amount of waste my company creates. I even recycle paper and bubble wrap as a packing material.

What sets my company apart is not just that it is black-owned but also my commitment to serve my customers, my drive to reduce my companies waste by recycling most everything it makes/uses, and how approachable my company is to everyone regardless of what they know of 3D Printing.
I got my start with 3D printing back in community college. I was a part of a club on campus that had a teacher bring it into meetings every so often and I immediately became entranced by it, I began to consume as much information on "3D Printing" as I possibly could. I started my research around August of 2012 and it took me until about August of 2014 to learn about half of what I know now. I learned about how they are made, what components they use, all the different types of firmware available, and of course all the different types of materials that can be used. After all that research. I learned, in particular, three things about 3D Printing: it is expensive, it can create almost anything you 3d model and there are open source options.

The first 3D Printer that I owned was one that I built myself using open source information and locally sourced parts. It was a Delta Style printer and it actually worked, but not without some convincing from the operator. It had its issues but it was as reliable as it was cool to watch it print. I then got another one just like it but parts were so much cheaper than I just bought a kit which was selling for a fraction of what I made mine for. Then later on a convinced my dad to help me get a small cube of a printer that was still even cheaper than both printers I already had.

Fast forward to this year and now I own six 3D Printers. One of them uses resin and the rest uses a roll/spool of plastic called filament. Throughout these past 5 or so years since my first printer, I have 3D modeled and printed for many friends, family, and of course total strangers. So, it only made sense to make it into a business and start reaching out to people asking them how I can serve them. Since I am a service-based company, I try my best to always put my customer's needs above mine and serve them. If I am loyal to them and give good service they will be loyal to me and keep coming back.